Sunday, August 14, 2011

FACEDOWN RECOVERY--what I wish I had known

A few years ago, while I was eating in a restaurant, my right eye popped a bleed--like orangy-maroon tree branches going across my vision.

Of course, I ran to urgent care, they sent me to the ER, they said go to the doctor on Monday, I know the drill.

When the blood did not clear--after a couple of weeks (yes, I waited for it to do so), the retina had totally detached. Surgery followed--3.5 hours. A plastic belt called a scleral buckle was fastened around my eyeball and the filmy-slimy retinal tissue tacked back onto the rear of my eye with many laser zaps.

Then the surgeon pumped in a gas bubble. The bubble gently presses against the retina while the lasering fuses it back on (this is the theory), but to keep it against the back of the eye, you need to make it float upward, which means your face must be downward.

This is called FACEDOWN RECOVERY. Some docs recommend it for a few days, some for a week to 10 days.

I could not GET a straight story from my doctor--what if my head came up? Would all be lost? All the office people would say is you have to be facedown even sleeping.

So I gave my beloved Spencer, my baby, my heart, my little poodle boy, to an acquaintance so he would not make me look up.

I never saw him again. Somehow he died or something happened. I will never know.

I ended up with three more surgeries and now a blind eye--but I sure do know how the top doctors in the country recommend you perform FACEDOWN RECOVERY.

You can let your head come up a few minutes an hour! Or if it does come up, all is not lost.

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A CONCUSSION is not just a harmless kid thing

A CONCUSSION is a traumatic brain injury, TBI for short. It can lead to brain damage.

Brain damage!

How do you get a concussion?

The brain is basically a Jell-O-like mass inside a hard case, the skull. Shake it up or give it a big wallop, and it heaves over against the skull. The blood vessels are stretched, everything shifts. Then the body goes into action....

EVER SINCE THE NFL DECIDED TOO MANY EX-PLAYERS were landing in Assisted Care at a young age, concussion is getting a new look.

This 8-page tip sheet, titled CONCUSSION:The latest thinking for sports-minded parents and kids, is an illustrated, easy-to-read rundown on the latest research and recommendations. Cost: $10.

A must for parents and coaches, but also for kids--who have good minds (at least so far) and can think for themselves about their health.

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